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Frequently asked Questions

Trusted Rides™ USA was founded to provide a safe world-class transportation platform to help parents find success in the midst of a busy world.
What happens in the event of a weather emergency?
The primary focus for Trusted Rides USA is safety for both riders and drivers at all times.

When there is inclement weather, Trusted Rides USA may cancel all rides (declare a “snow day”) to protect the safety of our riders and drivers. Trusted Rides USA will monitor school closings in your area to determine if there will be a Trusted Rides USA snow day. If we declare a snow day, our Client Service Coordinator will alert you via text, phone call or email. Trusted Rides snow day cancellations are not bound by the cancellation policy. We want to ensure all riders and drivers stay safe and avoid potentially dangerous driving conditions.

Please contact our experienced support team at (513) 903-6748 if you have any questions.

What if my child is required to be in a booster seat?
All riders under age 8 are required to ride in a booster seat and all Trusted Rides USA drivers are equipped with one brand new booster seat. During the ride booking process, you can indicate if you would like to reserve the Trusted Rides USA booster.
What happens if a rider leaves an item in the vehicle?
Please contact the Trusted Rides USA support team and we will work to facilitate a retrieval of the item.
Does Trusted Rides USA complete background checks on their drivers?
Yes. Our drivers are well vetted. The process includes a criminal background check, drug screening and driving record check. In addition, our drivers undergo training in driving, childcare and emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR.
Will the driver always be the same or will it be a different driver each day?
Our riders typically have the same driver but occasionally their driver will change if one of our drivers needs to have time off.
Can my son or daughter eat a snack in the van?
Yes, your kiddo is welcome to eat on the van as long as they do not share the snack with others and they clean up any mess that may come with the snack.
How punctual are the drivers?
We take pride in our drivers being very punctual! We do provide a ten minute buffer time in case there is traffic, construction or weather, preventing our drivers from getting there on time.
Can we meet our driver before starting service?
Yes, every family is welcome to come to our office to meet their driver and tour the van they will ride in.

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