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Safety is Everything

Each Trusted Rides™ USA driver must go through a rigorous interview process for the safety of both rider and driver.


Safety is Trusted Rides USA’s #1 priority for our riders and drivers. Trusted Rides USA is proud to announce our investment into ultraviolet technology that eliminates up to 99% of viruses and bacteria. Each Trusted Rides USA professional driver will have this technology in the vehicle and will use it before and after each ride. Our goal is to keep each rider safe within the ride experience. Please reach out to us with questions.

Dedicated In-House Support Team

Contact our expert support team at anytime! We are here to help!

Zero Tolerance Policy

Trusted Rides™ USA has a zero tolerance policy for smoking, drugs, alcohol and mobile device usage while driving.

Expert Drivers

Each Trusted Rides™ USA driver must go through a rigorous interview process and pass the Safe 616 Training program. See DRIVERS for details.

Rider Guidelines

We understand that getting into the car of someone you don’t really know can be uncomfortable the first time – for both the parent and child. Don’t worry. We are here to help! Trusted Rides™ USA drivers are equipped to provide a safe, comfortable ride for the child but they can use your help. Please follow the below guidelines to make your child’s ride a safe and enjoyable experience.

Be On Time.

Your Trusted Rides™ USA driver has worked hard to reach you on time. Please be ready to go when he or she arrives. If you are having trouble or running late, you can call our expert Trusted Rides™ USA support team for assistance.

Be Respectful.

Whether you are riding solo or carpooling with a group, be respectful of all riders and the driver. Remember your manners.

Be Clean.

Your Trusted Rides™ USA driver works hard to keep a safe, clean vehicle. Please do your part in maintaining that cleanliness.

Follow Instructions.

Each ride comes with detailed pickup and drop-off instructions. Please don’t make last minute changes.

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